Renewable Energy

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY VIETNAM is a provider of service for improved energy efficiency, enhanced use of renewable sources of energy and promotion of cleaner technology.

In the face of increasing energy prices and the challenges presented by climate change, renewable energies have now become one of the most important topics on the political stage in contrast to fossil energy sources. Renewable energies rely on inexhaustible sources and comprise an energy mix of wind, bio, solar, hydro and geothermal. They have the potential to gradually replace fossil and nuclear energy sources. Not every renewable energy source can be utilised economically in every country. Certain regions have the potential for the very cost-effective use of solar energy. The highest potential is found in the earth's so-called sunbelt (between the 20th and 40th latitudes of northern and southern hemispheres). On the other hand, the technical potential for wind power is dependent on the average wind speed. Generally, this is considerably lower over the continental land masses than over the oceans. In this case Vietnam has a perfect location to utilize the sun and wind as sources for renewable energy generation because of its long coastline and high sun radiation in this tropical country.

In this context, FUTURE TECHNOLOGY VIETNAM's energy-related activities promote cleaner and efficient use of energy, facilitate productive activities in rural and urban areas by providing modern and renewable forms of energy, and enhance the use of renewable energy applications.

The business scope of FUTURE TECHNOLOGY VIETNAM includes:
  • Technical, economic and social feasibility of using different renewable energy technologies
  • Promoting renewable energy technologies for industrial and public applications
  • Supply and establish corresponding renewable energy systems
  • Consultancy, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems
  • Development of new and renewable energy sources