Vietnam to launch FiT valid for 20 years
15.04.2017: Vietnam released a Decision to promote the development of PV projects in Vietnam (»Support Mechanism for the Development of Solar Energy in Vietnam«), says consultancy Asia Europe Clean Energy Advisory Co. Ltd. (ACEA). According to an unofficial translation of the Prime Minister’s Decision 11/2017, state owned utility Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN) »shall buy all electricity production generated from the grid-connected projects to a FiT of VND 2,086/kWh (¢9.35, exclusive of VAT) at the Electricity Delivery Points.« This tariff shall be applied only for the grid-connected projects with solar cell efficiency of more than 16 percent or with module of over 15 percent, says the paper. »The PPA of solar power projects is valid for 20 years from the date of commercial use.« After 20 years, the PPA may be extended or renewed.

Roof-mounted projects shall benefit net-metering mechanism by using two-way electricity meters. »In a payment cycle, if the generated electricity is bigger than consumption, it must be transferred to subsequent payment cycle. At the end of the year or when the PPA is terminated excessive generated electricity shall be sold« to EVN.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoTI) will organize, guide and coordinate with the People’s Committee of municipalities and provinces the compliance with this Decision. Prior to January 31 of each year the MoTI will be informed by EVN and People’s Committee on total installed capacity of the grid-connected and roof-mounted projects as of December 31 of previous year. The Decision is valid from June 2017 until the end of June 2019.